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Every dress is a piece of art.

Handmade luxury bridal couture dresses,  effortless timeless style with modern sexy silhouette

  for daring romantic soul...



Hi, I'm Miyuki.  I’m the designer and creator of each and every piece here at Miyuki Liem Bridal.

I believe every bride should have her own one of a kind gown that reflects her style and personality for her special day that is totally hers only.

Through my designs I’m able to bring my vision for what each bride wants and is authentically hers.

I create each piece with all the love, passion, creativity and comfort that every bride deserves.

Each piece is entirely unique as they all are completely made to measure and fit perfectly.

My process is very intimate and exclusively for you.  We will work together in the process of imagining, designing and creating a one of a kind dress that you will truly fall in love with.

I want you to be in love and excited about your dream dress. I’ll do the rest!

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"I am so thankful I found Miyuki! I was blown away that she creates every piece from start to finish.  Miyuki's impeccable style and professionalism show in all her work. I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful dress made by a talented, sweet and caring artist". - Maire Cahoon-


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