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The Full Story

Our Philosophy is Made to measure One of a Kind couture dress that are fit to perfection. From a vision, dream and imagination to reality!

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ML (33).jpg

"Hand-made for woman with style and passion.

The brand well know for it's signature couture craftsmanship.  

Miyuki's bespoke designs capture the classical beauty of wedding gown by invoking the spirit of femininity and delicacy by transforming them into a elegant and glamorous style with modern cut. Every piece is threaded through with love and passion into perfection.

Delicate balance of artistry and technical brilliance.

One of a kind design, 

quality material and luxurious fabrication which result in well crafted pieces detailed with intricate finishes unique to each design. 

Each wedding gown is custom made uniquely for each bride to make them feel extra special in their special moment." 

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The Designer

Established in 2009.

Graduated from Fashion Design school in Singapore and earn a first honor degree in bachelor of art, Miyuki had more than 10 years working in wedding industry at Singapore, including wedding gown designer and consultant, buyer, stylish and event organizer. She own a Bridal Boutique for 4 years back in Indonesia and moved to Honolulu in 2016 with her husband (he's local) and daughter. In 2018 she opened a new bridal studio in downtown Honolulu.

" To create something so important and memorable in someone life, It brings joy and happiness"

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